SAGE Methodology


The Software Architecture for Government Efficiency (SAGE) is a metric driven, agile methodology to help clients benefit from over fifteen years of research on governmental best practices. 


The SAGE process begins with an assessment of true needs and overall requirements. This is an-depth analysis of the duties of a department or division, a statement of the problem to be solved, the objectives of the system development, a listing of the stakeholders with concerns and impacts, and a detailed description of all business processes, and a list of system expectations with use cases and metrics delineating the benefits to be realized with the process improvements and automation.


A SAGE analysis of your opportunities for efficiency gains includes:

  • Detailed requirements

  • Best practices report

  • Reliability, Responsiveness, Flexibility, Cost, and Profitability analysis

  • Business process evaluation

  • Go forward recommendations

Contact Clear Village to leverage the SAGE methodology to lead your organization to higher levels of efficiency.

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